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This photo is one of my favourites because it captures the sheer joy of sex. The expression on her face is one of cheerful ecstasy. The other cool thing about this photo is that the focus is not on the mechanics of fucking; it's more about female pleasure than anything else.

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"Three be the things I shall never attain: Envy, content, and sufficient champagne." - Dorothy Parker.
I like this photo because it combines two lovely things - champagne and cunnilingus. And she just looks so damned pleased with herself!

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This pic is from one of my all-time favourite photo sets. It's a bit retro but I love it. The guy is scrumptuous and the sex is very romantic. I like how he's slipping one finger inside her panties. This pic is about foreplay - the slow buildup before the sex, when touch and teasing are everything.

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This guy is still my favourite male model. He's just gorgeous, and this photo is one of his best. It doesn't look like a standard porn photo. There's an element of drama to it: why is this naked man on the rocks and why does he look so forlorn?

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Mmm, male orgasms by the river. This photo is taken from a male masturbation set, the guy is in the throes of ecstasy. I like the way he's totally immersed in pleasure at this moment. There's no pretense or posing going on here. It's a pic that captures what so many of us like to see when a guy comes.

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Porn with laughter. You don't see it often, which is sad because sex so often involves smiling and giggling. This pic is great because they're having fun while they fuck. I've got a collection of these kinds of pics and they feature in a special gallery of "fun porn" photos.

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